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We could really use your help right about now.

We must make the numbers by October 8!
Or we’re going to be kicked off the air.
Please help.
Listening is all it takes!

Radionomy is the service that acts as our broadcast antenna to the Internet.  In order for us to remain on their service, we are asked to do two things:

  1. Play ads for 2 minutes every half hour (yuck, I know, but the revenue has to come from somewhere, right?)
  2. Meet certain minimum listener hours so the ad revenue makes it worth their while to carry the station.  These TLH numbers (total listener hours) are reviewed at certain monthly milestones early on in the relationship, and if it’s not working out, they just delete your station and you’re done.

Country Girl Radio is new, but we were making the numbers.  But then Radionomy dropped all of its stations from the TuneIn radio directory and apps.  They also “geo-blocked” certain countries meaning that an entire countries have been blocked from listening.

Why did they do that?  According to Radionomy*:

Following the increase of the CRB rates for the royalties in the United States and the absence of specific rates for Small Pure Play Webcasters, we are obliged to modify our streaming policy. The new pricing system multiplies by 6 the royalties that we have to pay. We have decided to continue to discuss with the right owners to explain them the fundamental differences between a service like ours and other players in the industry. We want that they understand the utility of Internet radios stations like ours that are promoting new artists or music genres.

In order to limit our audience, the stations will not be accessible on TuneIn anymore and we have also decided to not pay stations producers for their US listening hours anymore as of May 1st 2016. These are temporarily measures and we are confident that we will be able to revise it when a positive change with the US rates is applied.

Thank you for your understanding.

*Radionomy is a company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, so please pardon their sometimes awkward English translation.

So there it is.  The American music industry’s egregious money grab has put us squarely between a rock and a hard place.  We were making the numbers and on target to remain as a full-fledged station on Radionomy.  But now they have stripped us of a huge number of listeners, yet they still insist that we make the numbers to stay on board.  So now we’re in serious trouble.

“What can I do to help?” you ask – Simple:

  1. LISTEN.
  2. Tell all your friends to LISTEN.
  5. LISTEN every day.
  6. Have your friends LISTEN all day long, every day.

Well that’s not so bad is it?  Listen to one of the hottest Internet radio stations available today?  Can’t be too painful, now can it?

However…  What we need are actual listeners.  We don’t want phantom listeners.  That would be unfair to the advertisers who are paying for ad impressions.  I know, I know, ads are a bother, but they help keep us on the air too, so please -lets show Radionomy we belong on their broadcast service by being an honest to goodness listener.  Because you want to listen and because you want to keep Country Girl Radio alive so we can grow and become the best and brightest we can.

Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Tom Forrester
Owner & General Manager, Country Girl Radio

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