Settings For Ripping a CD Using iTunes

If you are considering ripping your CD using iTunes so you can use our Uploader to send in music for airplay consideration, here is a map of the settings you need to make to ensure you get the right bit rate. By default the iTunes settings are not high enough, but if you just follow the arrows in this picture, you're sure to get it right.

(btw, this screenshot was taken on a Windows 10 PC, but I assume iTunes looks pretty similar on a Mac, too.)

Click to enlarge.
iTunes Encoder Settings

Why Support Country Girl Radio

I'll have a better explanation here as time permits.

In the meantime, please consider that this is a real business with real expenses and obligations.  We need money to cover these costs.

Yes, you're hearing some advertising on the air.  But the reality is that I've not seen a dime from that advertising yet.  What it has given us is unlimited bandwidth for the station.  That's a technical way of saying it allows us to get the music out to as many of you as wants to pile on.  That's no small matter, let me tell you!  But there's still all the expenses it doesn't cover that we need help with.  Stuff like music royalty payments, costs associated with our website and our Internet access, and even staff salaries.  Yup - even I like to get paid.  Don't you?  Would you work every day for free?  My guess is, no.  Please don't make me.  Thank you!

Gloriana Visits Madison

Rachel, Mike, and Tom - Gloriana - performing a brilliant, un-plugged version of (Kissed You) Good Night today in Madison, WI. Great things happening here in Wisconsin, Country Girl Radio's home!

Country Girl Radio - The Inspiration

Today, I thought I would share a little of the inspiration behind Country Girl Radio.

This past fall (fall, 2011,) there had been quite a bit of turmoil in my family, and as a means of decompressing I went to see a movie one Thursday night very early in November. That movie was the current remake of the classic Footloose. At one point in the movie, as the story goes, the main characters sneak off to a neighboring town to visit a tavern and dance hall there to have some fun and do a little line dancing. That particular scene so powerful! It was as if you could actually smell the bar, and feel the music. Well, through the magic of cinema audio, you actually could feel the music! But you know what I'm saying.

As I left the theater, that particular scene kept replaying in my head. Now, many of you know that I am the guy behind another Internet radio station, Girls Rock Radio featuring the music of women artists in rock, pop, and alternative music, which pretty much explains what happened next. There I was, driving down the hill on High Point Road after turning out of the theater lot, headed toward the intersection at Mineral Point Road in Madison, WI when it hit me. I don't know why I felt surprised; frankly, I should have thought of it years ago. And, I don't know why the thought sent shivers down my spine. But the moment was absolutely electric as it hit me, "Country Girl Radio!" And that scene from Footloose kept echoing in my mind, and then it came again – that shiver – as I thought, "Boys… Form a line!"

So there you have it, a simple little story really, about a very big inspiration.

Just a reminder…
Country Girl Radio is not yet "on the air." In order to get there, we need to raise sufficient capital to cover startup expenses, as well as initial licensing for our first year of broadcast operation. If you feel you can help, please use the PayPal Donate button over in the sidebar. Thank you! Proof of concept and track record with a successful Internet Radio Station featuring the music of Women Artists can always be found at our sister station Girls Rock Radio.

Happy New Year 2012

As 2011 comes to a close, I hope the arrival of the new year finds you happy, safe, and ready to enjoy the next chapter of our lives. The one called 2012. Happy New Year!

Shotgun Girl - The JaneDear Girls

I caught this video on the TV show "Heart of Dixie" and found this video for the song. The JaneDear Girls have a "high energy, rockin' Country" sound that I really like. Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett make up the band, along with some other fine musicians backing them up. Shotgun Girl is the second single from this duo from Amarillo, Texas. More information, merch, and tour information as it becomes available can be found at The JaneDear Girls website.

Here's an interview from the Heart of Dixi shoot.

All Your Life - The Band Perry

Waking up this morning with excitement as the sun rises on Country Girl Radio for the very first time. The Band Perry seems to say it best - "I just want to be the only girl you love all your life." I think Kimberly is on to something there.

I'm looking forward to seeing The Band Perry on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve!

Hello world - from Country Girl Radio

Welcome to Country Girl Radio.

Please read the Home page for information about Country Girl Radio, and check back here in the "News" for updates on our progress in bring you the premier source for the music of Contemporary Country Women Artists.