Why Support Country Girl Radio

I'll have a better explanation here as time permits.

In the meantime, please consider that this is a real business with real expenses and obligations.  We need money to cover these costs.

Yes, you're hearing some advertising on the air.  But the reality is that I've not seen a dime from that advertising yet.  What it has given us is unlimited bandwidth for the station.  That's a technical way of saying it allows us to get the music out to as many of you as wants to pile on.  That's no small matter, let me tell you!  But there's still all the expenses it doesn't cover that we need help with.  Stuff like music royalty payments, costs associated with our website and our Internet access, and even staff salaries.  Yup - even I like to get paid.  Don't you?  Would you work every day for free?  My guess is, no.  Please don't make me.  Thank you!

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